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Geothermal Energy Reality

Sustainable Green Energy based on Geothermal principles, placing our two cents to reduce Climate Change and Earth Warming...



We’re developing 1st Geothermal plant in Spain and within whole South of Europe.

It will have a prospect production capacity of 3,9 MWatt E and 7,9MWatt T, totally autonomous, self managed and offering 0% CO2 Emissions.

Our Mission

Producing Green and Cost-Effective Energy for GreenHouses.

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Our Vision

Provide stable temperature to increase production capacity & improve quality.

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Our Method

Pioneer in developing Geothermal energy in South of Europe... we care about CO2.

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4,9 MWatt E
Environment Friendly
7,8 MWatt T
Remotelly managed
No CO2 Emission


Cardial is offering turnkey infrastructure solutions within Sustainability and Development since 2007. Our teamforce has +10 year experience covering whole Greenhouses facility requirements; having sucessfully collaborated with United Nations in Sub-Sahara nowadays developing the 1st Geothermal Plant in Spain.

Feel free to contact us to evaluate synergies.

Devoted to

By generation of Geothermal Energy
contribute lowering CO2 Emissions
reduce Climate Change Effects
work for our children....

Develop sustainable
Fresh fruits & vegetables

Evolution has made technology better,
let's ensure your fresh provisioning locally....

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High Level Technology

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Non Wheather dependencies

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Office is controlled remotely

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Environment Friendly

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Cost Effective solutions

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1st quality fresh products

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100% fresh products without delays


Please find below Geothermal wiki knowledge and updates about Cardial developments.

Cardial evolution

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We are pioneer developing Geothermal Energy in Spain, follow us if you want to remain updated.

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Cardial is pioneer in Spain and South of Europe developing these thechniques.

We’ll be glad to hear from you and evaluate possible partnerships.

+34 950 25 84 26

+34 950 25 84 26

Almería - SPAIN

Almería - SPAIN