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Find below detailed information, reviews, reports and available knowledge related to geothermal as a source of green energy. Please do not hesitate contacting us to share your expertise and knowledge.

Last voyage

Last operating permit

Cardial Recursos Alternativos, expecting that the regional authorities grant the last operating permit to immediately start building our first geothermal plant in Spain, aiming to continue expasion nationally and overseas in the following years. Cardial, is the first Spanish company seriously invovled in development of Geothermal Energy. Nowadays, we’re expecting that the regional authorities grant […]

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Energy basics

What is a geothermal resource? Geothermal resources are reservoirs of hot water that exist at varying temperatures and depths below the Earth’s surface. Mile-or-more-deep wells can be drilled into underground reservoirs to tap steam and very hot water that can be brought to the surface for use in a variety of applications, including electricity generation, […]

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Geothermal Electricity Production

Most geothermal power plants need steam to generate electricity. The steam rotates a turbine that activates a generator, which produces electricity. Many power plants still use fossil fuels to boil water for steam. Geothermal power plants, however, use steam produced from reservoirs of hot water found a couple of miles or more below the Earth’s […]

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Geothermal energy in developing countries

How does geothermal energy benefit developing countries? Kenya, Indonesia, and many Caribbean islands are some of the developing countries that stand to directly benefit from developing their abundant geothermal resources. Geothermal energy can provide answers to infrastructure needs while preserving the cleanliness of these regions. Many developing countries are seeking energy and economic independence while […]

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